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"Open Window"

...Longtime New York-based Patrizia Scascitelli displays on her Open Window her flair for composition, pianistic prowess, and skills of leadership. Gathering together for this outing a group of top players that includes Jamie Baum on flute, trumpeter Jim Seeley, and Sylvia Cuenca at the drums, Ms. Scascitelli leads

her musicians through a set of distinctive originals that sparkle with disciplined energy, tasteful melodies, and swing, both subtle and pronounced. This is a keeper!

 Royal Stokes author of The Jazz Scene, Swing Era New York, Living the Jazz Life, and Growing Up With Jazz.

"...very beautiful work, refined compositions with a special personal signature". Giorgio Gaslini

"Patrizia Scascitellis's new record "Open Window" is a beautiful work whose strength is its open airy sound. A relaxed affair with a gentle swing and great performances from all the soloists, the central feature is Ms. Scascitelli's beautiful writing. Her strength as a pianist is in her melodicism and usage of space. It is a CD filled with buoyancy and optimism, enjoy! - Arturo O'Farrill

Stokes sees classically trained pianist-composer Patrizia Scascitelli as the Mary Lou Williams of Italian

jazz. Shes also become well known Stateside and has been able to keep growing as a performer and leader in the male-heavy jazz field. Storyville - W.Royal Stokes Growing Up With Jazz

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