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Randy Brecker

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…"Of course, it’s spectacular"...

..."Randy’s writing is among the best”…

…"Brecker at 70-something seems to have lost none of his range as a soloist and is joined prominently in the spotlight here by his wife the saxophonist Ada Rovatti and by old colleague David Sanborn"…


“Nominative determinism was never so much in evidence as in the title for this new album by Randy Brecker. He rocks. And rocks hard.”

“ it’s an exciting, edge-of-the-seat, knock-your-socks-off mortar bomb of sound”

With auspicious augmentation courtesy of the magnificent NDR Big Band, this album is, in effect, a Brecker Brothers redux, with bells on.

- AllAboutJazz 2019  by Roger Farbey


The end results are organic big band arrangements, which augment the concepts behind Brecker’s original compositions. Along with the other soloists – all regular members of the NDR Bigband – this CD is a spirited romp, one that will stand the test of time. Have fun listening, there is never a dull moment!

Virtuosic Good-time-jazz-rock 

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